Founded in 2000, inspirational alchemy delivers creative, out-of-the-box people development solutions to clients globally

We work with business owners, managers, teams & individuals to design and deliver practical, actionable quality audits, and motivating, measurable workshops and coaching sessions using an evidence-based, creative and engaging approach - all aimed at increasing guest and employee engagement & optimising revenue.

Jacqueline Le Sueur
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“Man is so made that whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish.” 

La Fontaine





I believe in alchemy! Because, for me, that is what my business is all about… inspiring and guiding others to realise their potential, creating endless opportunities for themselves and all those they interact with. 


I’ve lived in Africa for 7 years and South East Asia for 16, as well as in the UK. My career in business and people development , working with multi-cultural, multi-linguistic teams, spans Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.


I thrive on being ‘parachuted’ into different scenarios and environments, dealing with a wide variety of businesses along the way: brainstorming, collaborating, thinking way outside the box to find solutions that work for all stakeholders. No matter how great programmes are and the intellectual commitment of an organisation to learning & development, I believe it is engagement by leaders with their teams, with teams with their leaders and with every person in the organisational family with each other that provides the platform for each individual and thus the company to deliver their highest potential. As a qualified Emergenetics practitioner I use this innovative, science-based tool as a coaching platform to facilitate this, in addition to the programmes I develop for my clients based on their specific needs.


My approach is defined by conceptual thinking, 360 communication, empathy, rapid response, focussed delivery, flexibility, team work and the ability to work with minimal guidance.


Volunteering is an integral part of my personal and business life. In 2005 I co-founded an association in Asia that supported professional associations in 17 countries, representing approximately 250,000 employees in the spa industry, with training and business advice on a pro bono basis. I have published over 60 articles & essays in the international media and 28 walks for the National Trust, and spoken at conferences all over the world.


When I’m not at my desk you you’ll find me working in my garden, peering into dark alleys, rummaging through secondhand bookshops, bartering at dawn in markets, cycling to the summits of Alpine passes & hurtling down the other side, and  skiing down the same mountains I ride up in the summer. On my little finger I wear a ring engraved with ‘tutto è possible.’ Anything is possible.

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