• All the tools we offer are very effective in the hospitality arena

  • using 20 years global hotel and spa experience, we refine these tools specifically to suit their delivery to the operational demands the hotel industry presents, ensuring you can optimise the talent you have on your property without reducing manpower in your 24/7 operation 

  • working closely with you we also design bespoke solutions that deliver the outcomes your business specifically needs, either during pre-opening or once your property is open:

    • service excellence

    • customer journeys

    • employee engagement

    • performance evaluation

  • We can deliver these programmes for you ... or train your team to roll them out themselves

  • the outcome:

    • focussed teams working optimally together because everyone understands how each other 'ticks'

    • consistently delivered service excellence resulting in increased guest satisfaction

    • the 'silos' that traditionally exist in hotels between departments are broken down with all employees gaining a greater understanding of their colleagues roles and challenges

    • reduced employee attrition

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