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Leadership Retreats 

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  • we conduct quality audits, either to the standards you have in place, ones we can design for you or to general customer expectations for your type of business

  • we provide results in an clear, usable 'traffic light' format you can take into your business to give praise where it is due and provide remedial training or coaching where necessary 

  • we evaluate:

    • from website through the entire customer journey​

    • service standards

    • customer experience - including perceptions versus reality

    • presentation & maintenance of the areas inspected - internal & external

    • product offering - range, quality & positioning for the market 

    • missed revenue opportunities

    • opportunities to improve engagement - with the customer and also within the team

  • the outcome:

    • consistently satisfied customers

    • increased return business

    • improved employee retention

    • optimised revenue opportunities 

    • business enabled to stay ahead of the competition

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