What We Do

We work with businesses and individuals globally, assisting them through our innovative and engaging approach, to maximise their performance.


Whether you need support with the development and roll out of a training programme designed around your specific needs, or with teamwork strategies or individual coaching:


  • we listen to your vision, your needs ... and to your constraints

  • we translate these into workable solutions using our experience, the research we carry out with you & the science-based tools we use

  • we work with your people, supporting them to achieve their goals & overcome their challenges

  • we deliver on time, to budget

  • we work locally & globally using digital technology, travelling to you only when you need us - minimising your costs & our carbon footprint

image © Emergentics International

image © Emergentics International

Establishing Standards & Measuring Success : designed for your business
  • having a set of clear, easy-to-train, measurable standards helps you identify how you desire your business to operate & communicate: they incorporate your business's vision and values, provide the basis of all training and are the yardstick to measure success

Hotel-specific solutions : developed to drive engagement & revenue
  • The above tools are all very effective in the hospitality arena

  • using 20 years global hotel and spa experience, we refine these tools specifically to suit their delivery to the operational demands the hotel industry presents, ensuring you can optimise the talent you have on your property without reducing manpower in your 24/7 operation

  • working closely with you we also design bespoke solutions that deliver the outcomes you need , either during pre-opening or once your property is open:

    • service excellence

    • customer journeys

    • employee engagement

    • performance evaluation

Leadership Development : Revealing Preferences | Realising Potential
  • we work with you to create a coaching framework for your leaders that complements your business operations


Teambuilding Strategies : The Power of WE
  • the Power of WE drives performance by equipping individuals and teams to leverage their strengths in key business functions:

    • Team Performance | Time Management |         Resolving Disagreement  Problem SolvingTrust | Goal SettingInnovation | Mission | Harnessing Differences |  Managing Teams | Team Norms Leveraging the Power of WE 

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