Establishing Standards  : success for your business
  • having a set of clear, easy-to-train, measurable standards helps you identify how you desire your business to operate & communicate: they incorporate your business's vision and values, provide the basis of all training and are the yardstick to measure success

  • using a systematic, collaborative approach we work with your team to identify your key operating standards and policies

  • we document and roll these out for you, or train your team to take ownership of this processes themselves

  • we conduct quality audits, either to the standards you have in place, ones we can design for you or to customer expectations, providing results in an clear, usable 'traffic light' format you can take into your business to give praise where it is due and provide remedial training or coaching where necessary 

  • the outcome:

    • a measurable suite of standards that lead to more confident team members

    • consistently satisfied clients

    • business enabled to stay ahead of the competition

    • revenue opportunities are optimised

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