Leadership Development : Revealing Preferences | Realising Potential

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  • we work with you to create a coaching framework for your leaders that complements your business operations

  • over the years we have found having a tangible foundation for coaching has the greatest effect. This is where Emergenetics comes in...


  •  Emergenetics provides a clear way to understand the intersection of nature and nurture through a psychometric profile built on the four Thinking Attributes and three Behavioural Attributes that every person exhibits. The Profile, founded on over 30 years of research, gives an in-depth knowledge of our unique make-up. It provides an understanding of the person that we are; it does not box us or compare us to others

  • understanding how we naturally think and behave helps us work through our uniqueness to optimise our performance and communication with others

  • working with your leaders we use their Emergenetics profile and the GROW coaching technique to support them as they work to better understand themselves and establish solutions to the challenges they are facing

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