Teambuilding Strategies : Stronger together | The Sum of Many Parts

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Understanding Others : The Meeting of the Minds
  • a half- or full-day signature Emergenetics program designed to reveal thinking and behavioural preferences of a group of people through experiential learning in order to realise greater individual and team potential

  • used as a talent development platform in a corporate or organisational environment by empowering individuals and setting the tone for a positive culture

  • the essence of the workshop remains the same globally - so if we roll this out across several geographic regions for you your teams will have the same experience: simple to understand, easy to use, fully engaging of their senses, and fun

  • we can customise this workshop for you to emphasize specific themes relevant to your needs, such as communication, personal and team effectiveness

Leveraging Team Strengths : The Power of WE

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  • the Power of WE drives performance by equipping individuals and teams to leverage their strengths in key business functions:

Accelerating Team Performance | Crafting Team Norms | Building Trust | Fostering Innovation | Managing Change | respecting Differences

  • the outcome:

    • defines unique strengths & opportunities

    • fosters team engagement, collaboration & positive connections

    • aligns your people with organisational objectives & values

    • provides a platform for setting & achieving collective goals

    • optimises processes leading to reliable and innovative solutions and decisions

  • these 1.5 - 4 hour workshops are fully customisable, and using an innovative and scientific approach they bring out the best in your team

  • delivery is engaging and uses hands-on activities that aid learning and knowledge retention leading to happier and more productive teams ... and organisations that get things done

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