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Wellbeing in the Workplace  | support your team 

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What is wellbeing in the workplace & why is it so important?

  • a global epidemic of unwellness at work is estimated to be costing the world’s economy 10-15% in economic output 

  • “unwellness” at work costs the U.S. alone $2.2 trillion each year 

  • 76% of adults report to be 'suffering' or 'struggling' in their physical wellbeing**

  • 38% say they suffer from excessive pressure at work**

  • 24% are actively disengaged at work**​

  • implementing a Wellbeing in the Workplace program indicates you are concerned about all aspects of working life in your business - health & safety, physical environment, the culture of the organisation, how your employees feel about their work, and their levels of job satisfaction & engagement.

Wellbeing in the Workplace Program

  • this program identifies what wellbeing is, what causes us individually or as teams to be 'unwell', & explores what we can do to take responsibility for our wellbeing 


Who is this workshop for?

  • Any and all of your employees could benefit from participating in this workshop

  • Groups can be made from:

    •     departmental teams

    •     leadership team

    •     supervisors

    •     project teams

    •     a cross section of your workforce

Approach :  as a team workshop or individual coaching :

  • interactive & engaging

  • clearly defined objectives

  • creation of realistic solutions for improving wellbeing

  • development of a timeline for change & ongoing assessment of wellbeing in the workplace

  • fully customisable  - we collaborate with design & deliver this workshop to suit the operation of your business & your needs

  • one on one wellbeing coaching personalises each individual's path to a more balanced & productive life



  • happier & more engaged employees

  • improved employee wellbeing

  • reduced sickness days

  • positive reputation as a business that cares for its team & as an employer of choice

  • increased productivity

  • improved service - for both internal & external clients

  • reduced employee attrition

Contact us to learn more ...

* Global Wellness Institute (GWI) and Everyday Health 2016

**Global Wellness Institute (GWI) - Gallup, Gallup-Healthways, Towers-Watson,Tampere University of Technology, Workplace Safety & Health Institute Singapore, VTT Technical Research Centre of Singapore

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