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Business Meeting

​What is coaching?

  • an objective-driven process that usually spans a defined time period

  • objectives are agreed by the coachee & their manager 

  • these objectives relate to skills & competencies that the coachee needs to learn to support them in a new or upcoming position, or to develop those they already have to make them a more effective manager

  • the process is very much guided by the coach

Who benefits from coaching?

  • In the context of leadership development anyone in a supervisory position at any level in a business can benefit from coaching. 


  • collaborative:

    • to create a coaching framework for your leaders that complements your business operation

    • to optimise each individual's opportunity to develop​

  • GROW - we find the simplicity of the GROW technique works well in most scenarios & with most people. In this context coaching may be used for both individual & team development​ - this approach has:

    • clearly defined goals​

    • examines the reality of the coaching subject

    • looks at obstacles to advancement, if any

    • identifies a clear way forwards

  • tangible foundation for coaching  - we believe this has the greatest impact on the coachee & the greatest  ROI for the business.


  • defines unique strengths & opportunities

  • encourages belief in self 

  • being coached in turn develops the coaching skills of the coachee

  • fosters engagement with & commitment to professional development

  • provides a platform for setting & achieving personal goals

  • increased productivity & better time management

  • creates a clear timeline for learning

  • offers an understanding of unique thinking & behavioural attributes if Emergenetics is used

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