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Coaching | for individuals

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​What is coaching?

  • it is an objective-driven process that usually spans a defined time period mutually agreed in your first session

  • relevant and realistic goals are discussed & agreed by the client & the coach before coaching starts

  • these goals relate to the needs we discover in your initial coaching session - these are not written in stone; they may alter over time as you grow and change

  • it is a collaborative process - I will guide you to draw on the skills, competencies, and qualities you already have to to find solutions and solve challenges

  • strategies and techniques will help you towards sustainable change

  • coaching gives ownership to you for actions set, underpinning the commitment & motivation to achieve your goals

Who benefits from coaching?

  • in truth ...anyone! 

  • we will all face times in our lives where we feel fearful or frustrated, stuck or lacking in self-belief. It is at times like this that reaching out to a coach could be the best decision you could make

How does coaching differ with us?

  • because we start with the belief in possibility

  • we do this because if you do not believe something is possible it is all but impossible to achieve it 

What will you achieve through your coaching with us?

  • discovery, or re-discovery, of your unique strengths & the opportunities before you

  • a deeper belief in yourself

  • improved self-awareness

  • an inner strength to help you navigate through challenging times

  • clarity - knowing what you want, where you want to go, how you want to feel & what you can do to sustain your momentum of change & growth

  • tools & techniques to support you moving forwards beyond your coaching

  • greater resilience - be that for managing constant pain, coping with change, or dealing with life in general

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