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Mentoring | ignite belief in possibility

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What is mentoring? 

  • mentoring develops the potential of the mentee through a process of inquiry, self-reflection & development

  • it is usually a less structured process than coaching

  • it is designed to build confidence in the mentee, to help them ignite their belief in their own potential & from this foundation take control of their both personal & career development

  • the responsibility for making things happen & putting plans into action lies primarily with the mentee 

What is the mentor's role?

  • the mentor encourages the mentee to work towards their own individual objectives

  • they are a motivating & inspiring guide for the mentee on their journey

  • the mentor uses their experience & knowledge in a facilitative manner to support the development of the mentee

  • they are there to listen, to be a sounding board for ideas & to be your champion

  • a mentor shares their knowledge, experience, wisdom & the mistakes they have made along the way - they are a resource centre the mentee can draw on as they feel they need to

Who benefits from having a mentor?

  • anyone at any level in a business can benefit from having a mentor

  • the most important thing is commitment from the mentee to the process of growth & taking ownership  for this process


  • we work with you to create a mentoring framework for leaders that complements your business operation & the objectives of the mentee

  • tailored to meet specific needs

  • can be as informal or formal as your needs require, although it is not as structured as a coaching framework

  • mentoring usually takes place over a longer period of time than a coaching program

    • we will  collaborate with you to define this period

    • a launch workshop can be used to provide a positive springboard for the mentoring process if a number of leaders are involved

    • review stages are set across the duration of the mentoring period to provide further encouragement & feedback​​​​


  • leaders who are encouraged & empowered in their personal & professional development

  • increased career-related wellbeing 

  • increased confidence in abilities & belief in potential

  • increased clarity about future career path - benefits mentee & the business

  • improved self-esteem

  • being mentored develops mentoring skills of the mentee

  • identification of knowledge & skills gaps - can be used to develop further training

  • increased opportunities for the mentee within the business

  • benefits succession planning within the business & can increase the likelihood of the mentee advancing their career in the business rather than moving on - reduces HR costs

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