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What Others Are Saying

A selection of testimonials from clients & professionals we have worked with


Jacqueline worked with me regularly as my coach & mentor over a period of 5 years. I always found her approach practical & engaging. She listens well, made me think & the outcome of our sessions was always relevant & easy to implement.  I found my Emergenetics profile particularly helpful & proactively working with it improved my time efficiency & communication. So much so that I engaged Jacqueline to do Emergenetics profiles for all of my team. As well as providing 1 on 1 coaching based on each individual's unique profile, Jacqueline used the profiles as the basis of team building workshops - this had the desired result of improving communication, collaboration & problem solving between team members who were scattered across 4 countries.


Jacqueline also facilitated a leadership workshop where we honed in on the raison d'être of the legal department and the 'customers' we served both internally & externally. Last but not least due to the stressful nature of our work Jacqueline ran two Wellbeing in the Workplace workshops that we all attended. As with everything she does these were very interactive & creative, and gave all of us the opportunity to reflect on what our personal and team stressors were. From this we created practical measures we could take that were suited to each of us as individuals as well as a team. This improved not only our wellbeing but also morale.

Guy Oxnard | General Counsel, Company Secretary & Head of Compliance | Trans Adriatic Pipeline |

I worked with Jacqueline at Pan Pacific Singapore from August 2013 until November 2014 where she worked within our team after consulting with us for 6 months prior to this. She did an excellent job. She worked on several training projects that enhanced service to our guests, team building and had an positive impact to the culture at the hotel. She worked well with her team and provided clear goals and expectations and was a good mentor and coach to them. They miss her a lot! Jackie is very intelligent, driven, has high energy, is a good planner and very organized, very articulate, excellent writing skills, detailed oriented and focused, has a wealth of multi facet experience in the international hotel industry and excellent skill sets for training, designing training programs, people development, and leadership coaching and mentoring.


Kurt Macher : Resident Manager | Pan Pacific Singapore |

Update :

When I moved as General Manager to The Temple House in Chengdu, China I invited Jacqueline to work with me to help us  achieve a series of objectives. She listened to & consolidated our needs, then developed, facilitated  & rolled out a number of initiatives:

Optimising individual & team performance - using Emergenetics as the foundation for 1 on 1 coaching & a team building workshop 

Heartbeat - a workshop  designed to break down barriers, increase understanding & build collaboration across all departments in the hotel

Heart to Heart -  an employee engagement program  with multiple benefits - unlocking creativity & innovation across the workforce, encouraging teamwork & cross-cultural understanding, and enabling the review & re-devlopment at grassroots level of SOPs & Job Descriptions. 

Coaching & Selling Skills workshops -to develop these skills for all department heads and senior leaders.

Off-Site Leadership retreat - to support leaders in the development & presentation of their objectives & strategic plan for the  next year & to further increase unity in the team.

As ever Jacqueline brought the skills & approach I mentioned in my first review - her work was innovative, practical and proved to be successful, with a positive impact across the hotel, as well  as supporting a reduction in employee attrition.


Kurt Macher : General Manager | The Temple House Chengdu |

I have known Jacqui for about 12 years. She is very passionate and energetic and throws herself into everything she does. She is a great researcher, strategic thinker, developer of training materials and deliverer of training workshops as well as larger conferences and events. She is very passionate about developing leaders of the future and ensuring all employee levels are confident and capable to carry out their duties efficiently. She also is has a great focus on service and standards and is able to relate to all levels within the organisation.

Jacqui has completed a number of training development projects for us where we needed resource and skill to develop leadership training materials. With very little supervision and a short brief, Jacqui was able to identify the key requirements and was spot on with what she delivered. For all workshops developed she produced workbooks, PPT slides, trainer notes and all activity materials and briefs. She has a strong creative streak and is able to design interactive and engaging materials that really work and make a difference for the learner. She has always been easy to work with and delivered high quality on time and within agreed requirements and deadlines


Alison Snelling : Owner & Founder | Aspiration | 

Jacqueline worked with Alila Hotels and Resorts  on the opening of Spa Alila  - ChaAm in Thailand. Jacqueline delivered a standout performance in training and educating our spa team over a 4 month period during the  pre opening phase. The depth of her anatomy and aromatherapy knowledge is admirable and practical, finding fun and simple ways for students to learn the key basics of these essential modules. The motivation and harmony instilled within the group ensured all team members felt secure and at home in their roles, thus resulting in positive performances by our therapists and positive results for our clients. 


Steve Jeisman : Group Director | Spa Alila & Alila Living |

I worked with Jacqueline as lighting designer on a major spa project in Mallorca for Jumeirah hotels. Although the site presented many difficulties, her vision and strong values guided us through the project. She was flexible, yet determined to get the best results for her clients. She knew what was important and where costs could be cut. She knows the spa business like nobody else, and on top of all this she’s a genuine pleasure to work with.

Neil Knowles : Director | Electra Lighting | 

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