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Why choose us

Why we are different

Our approach

Global yet local

  • 30 years experience working around the world with individuals and teams of many cultures & diverse backgrounds

  • we use digital technology to work 'locally' with you, no matter where you are in the UK...or the world

Engaging & effective

  • we listen to you & hear what you say

  • we ignite your belief in possibility

  • we encourage you to think and act out of your comfort zone to find solutions & realise your full potential

  • we support you, as an individual  or a team,  as you venture into change 

  • we communicate clearly, effectively ... simply, and with empathy

  • we respond quickly - always

Starfish not spider

  • if necessary we work with other experts as we need them, rather than employing them - minimising our costs, and yours

  • if you don't need it, we don't do it

Friendly & fun

  • last but not least we believe that coaching & mentoring should be enjoyable, as well as outcome-driven!

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