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Who we are

Founded in 2000, inspirational alchemy specialises in inspiring, engaging, evidence-based coaching, mentoring, leadership & wellbeing programs.

We believe that we all can do more than we think we can. Our approach is based on igniting the belief in individuals and teams that this change is possible.  

Why do we work from the foundation of igniting belief possibility?

Because over the years we have realised that if we want to work alongside an individual or team who wants to learn, grow & truly optimise their potential we first have to ensure they believe in their ability to do so.

The outcome?


Happier, healthier & more engaged teams, reduced employee turnover & a more innovative workforce - all hopefully leading to increased bottom line.

Jacqueline Le Sueur

Jacqueline Le Sueur

I am the founder & Chief Possibility Advocate of inspirational alchemy. I have been fortunate to develop & hone my business & people development skills & competencies in a variety of fields, from diamond trading to book distribution to large scale finance projects, alongside complementary medicine, corporate wellbeing  and luxury spa & wellness development.


What I have learned along the way:

BQ, DQ & EQ:

As a people development professional I have learnt I am a learner as much as I am a trainer & mentor, plus I must be more than just a page or a chapter ahead.  While I remain closely connected with Gen-Z, I’m a “modern elder” with 40 years of career variety behind me - which is why I’m empowered and capable of collaborating with both senior, mid-level and aspiring leaders to help them identify their professional & personal goals, and to work alongside them as they progress along these chosen paths.


Wellbeing & mental health:

I’ve been through my own life crises and come out of the other side of these with a healthy respect for personal mortality, the importance of taking care of all aspects of our wellbeing  & the benefit of 'owning' what happens in our lives, no matter what that is. I help people who want to take responsibility for their wellness, as well as those who want to come shining through change and I have been doing this for the past 20 years in  both the private & corporate arenas. I am passionate about supporting those facing mental health challenges & reducing the stigma attached to this, most especially in the work place - I became a certified Mental Health First Aider in 2020 to support this mission.


Inclusivity & diversity:

I’ve worked with the extremely rich & privileged as well as with some of the poorest on Earth. However you view your situation  I will likely have seen something similar before and be able to provide you with support on your own unique path of change.

Cultural experience:

I’ve lived in four distinct cultures and worked in almost 20 countries - I provide insights on cultural differences & expectations from a personally lived perspective. If you’re an executive about to take over a new territory, or need cultural coaching for your team I can help.

Inspiration & optimising potential:

I’ve engaged with people from all over the world with my conference talks & workshops on wellbeing, the environment & believing in possibility. I've published over 60 articles in international consumer & professional magazines specialising in health, wellness, travel & inspiration. I've been fortunate to give a TEDx talk and had the privilege to speak with His Holiness the Karmapa at a TEDGlobal event. Igniting belief in possibility is at the heart of what I do - it is what makes me get out of bed every morning and I would love to share the benefits of this approach with you.

Giving back:

I co-founded the Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC) in 2006 and remained a board member for 5 years. The APSWC still supports professional associations in 17 countries, representing approximately 250,000 employees, with pro-bono training and business advice with the aim of empowering local people. I was also a volunteer ranger with the National Trust in England for several years, publishing over 20 walks & learning to manage & take care of our countryside.

Key competencies: 


  • conceptual thinking

  • 360 communication

  • empathy

  • rapid response

  • focussed delivery

  • flexibility

  • working with minimal guidance

  • discovering & delivering your real needs

  • building great and diverse teams

  • guiding & supporting growth & change





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