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  • Jacqueline Le Sueur

You're kidding me ...

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

I just went to the shops. I parked in a multi-storey carpark that has car wash guys working in a designated area.

I pulled up into a bay in my 15 year old car; two workers nearby, both sitting on their butts doing nothing. I got out, asked for a standard wash - already priced a tad steep at £7.95. One bloke slowly stood up, looked at me and the car and said,

"That'll be 25 quid."

"What?" I exclaim. "You're kidding me," I said in astonishment. "That's the price, look - £7.95," I said, pointing to the smartly painted sign covering a couple of metres of the wall behind where he was standing.

He pointed to 3 bits of bird poo on the driver's window of my car and replied,

"I ain't got no jet wash. I have to get that off by hand so 25 quid."

Needless to say I drove off: he got nothing.

If it is his own enterprise then he obviously doesn't need to earn much money or is bone lazy. My first thought, I admit. However on reflection he could be an employee on a zero hours contract or minimum wage who is not treated well and so really doesn't give a damn about his employer's business. Or he could be an employee who is, in fact, treated well but still couldn't give a damn.

This reminds once again how easy it is to judge and that all is not always as it seems.

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