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  • Jacqueline Le Sueur

A beautiful new world

Updated: Mar 25

The sky is blue

the sun is shining

all around the little birds sing

In the distance the sounds

of a lawn mower

the laughter of a child

Pink flowers on the camellia bush

green moss in the grass

leaf buds on the oak tree

Sparrows on the feeder

a blackbird taking a bath

a robin looking at me from the fence

in this time of global pandemic

this is my normality

a surreal reality

Working from home

a novelty for many today

my life for much of twenty years

social isolation daily life

for all now

my life for the past 15 years

I give deep gratitude

for this experience

from every atom of my soul

Our past always

leads us to

our present

This is not the time

for pointing fingers

for one up manship

Nor is it a time

for ego

or greed

It is the opportunity

for I to become


For Illness

to become


It is the time

for community

during isolation

It is the time

to believe

in possibility

In the possibility

that from global pandemic

we can create

a beautiful new world

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